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What can a friendship coach teach you? What is a friendship expert?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Women can find support resources for nearly everything in their lives-- motherhood, professional advancement, marriage. But when it comes to friendship, there's virtually nothing to help us through.

Until now.

Many therapists report that the number on topic discussed in their offices is friendship, yet there is still reluctance around getting help for one of the most important relationships you'll ever have (according to research, the single greatest factor on your overall wellbeing and life satisfaction is your relationships-- not your income or marital status!).

No one taught us HOW to create and maintain meaningful friendships, and that's why so many of us are struggling today.

But our resident friendship coach, Danielle Bayard Jackson, (along with her support team) is equipped to help you through several common issues.

What does a friendship coach teach you?

A coach teaches you about the intricacies of female friendships so that you can foster richer friendships with your girl friends. From how to be less socially awkward to how to get over a friendship breakup that has you a little bitter, these are topics that society does not talk about openly! A friendship coach will help you navigate these waters - healthily and classily.

Check out the video below to get all the details about what it's like to hire a friendship expert and learn more about Friend Forward!

What topics does a friendship coach cover?

  • How do I make new friends?

  • How do I reconcile an old friendship?

  • How do I have a hard and heavy conversation with my friend?

  • How do I become less socially awkward?

  • How can I become more confident at social events?

  • How do I move someone from "acquaintance" to "friend"?

  • How do I move on from a painful friendship break-up?

Where can I find a friendship coach?

Girl, you're in the right place! Friend Forward is your friendship expert resource, so that you don't have to go searching through biased and unhealthy advice all over the internet.

There are two ways we can serve you:

  1. One-on-one coaching sessions -- personal facetime with one of our coaches to talk through your issue in a safe space and receive TANGIBLE action steps to move toward your goals

  1. Our exclusive Friendship Elevated program-- a 6-week program designed to give you everything you need to master friendships in less than 60 days (includes videos, homework, and sessions with Danielle!)

Danielle Bayard Jackson is a certified friendship coach, author, podcast host, national speaker, and founder of Friend Forward (formerly "Give it a Rest") -- a digital community dedicated to teaching women how to create and maintain better female friendships. Danielle is on a mission to change the way we understand, discuss, and represent platonic relationships between women, because research shows that they just might be the most important relationships we'll ever have (hint hint-- you may remember that lesson from one of her many viral TikTok videos).

What is a Friendship Coach?

To learn more, come check out our free resources or share with us on Instagram @friendforward or on Tik Tok!

Have any questions about online friendship coaching or need a friendship expert as a speaker? Check out our different personal coaching packages or contact us online for quick responses on any of your questions!

We provide advice on how to make friends, navigating toxic relationships, friendship breakups, and other issues common in female platonic relationships. Want to get closer with your girl friends? We can help!

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