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Fighting For 
Our Friendships

For women who are determined to enjoy more satisfaction in their female friendships

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Why are women's friendships so deep yet so fragile?

Friendship coach and educator Danielle Bayard Jackson shares what the latest research has to say about women' cooperation and communication, offering evidence-based strategies to help you preserve and strengthen these relationships. 

Fighting for our Friendships: The Science and Art of Conflict and Connection in Women's Relationships is one part textbook, one part handbook. You'll learn about the mechanics of women's friendships while also getting practical tips for the day-to-day business of being friends.

With a combination of psychology, sociology, science, and narrative. you'll learn:

  •  the three "affinities" that bring women together (and tear them apart)

  •  scripts to navigate the 9 most challenging "friend types" (and how to know when you're the problem)

  •  how to have hard conversations with a friend (while protecting the friendship)

  • surprising ways that women's people-pleasing tendencies delay platonic intimacy (and how to stop it)

  •  how to know if a friendship is worth saving (and how to recover)

  •  how to make (and deepen!) connections with other women

Because during a time when our culture encourages us to opt out at any sign of friction, Danielle is teaching us how to opt in.

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This book is 
for you if…

You’ve evolved from the woman you used to be and need to know how to connect with people who affirm your new growth

You have no problem making new friends, but you struggle with deepening those relationships

You fade out friendships as soon as there is tension, because no one ever taught you any other way to handle conflict

You’ve spent too much time in “limbo”, trying to figure out if some of your friendships are worth saving

You know that women speak a certain language and operate a certain way, but it’s been difficult to articulate

You want to understand the mechanics of female friendship on a higher level, so that you can enjoy better relationships with other women

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"You will unearth deeper intimacy in your friendships..."

"Fighting for our Friendships will save an unfathomable amount of friendships. Danielle rebrands conflict, showing us how to make it an act of love, understanding and reconciliation. Trust her words and you will unearth a deeper intimacy in your friendships than you ever imagined." 

 Marisa G. Franco
New York Times Bestselling author of
Platonic: How the Science of Attachment Can Help you Make-- and Keep-- Friends

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Meet Danielle

"When I was a high school teacher, my students cried to me between classes about their friend issues. Then as a publicist, my high-achieving clients privately confessed their struggles to cultivate deep friendships in adulthood.

That’s when it hit me:

At every stage of womanhood, we’re trying to figure out how to navigate our platonic relationships with other women.

So I began to leverage my background as an educator to study what the latest research has to say about women’s cooperation, communication, and conflict. And now I share those insights to help you (and me!) create and maintain healthier friendships.

The kind worth fighting for."

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Follow along for research-based insights about women's

cooperation, communication, and conflict 

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