Note: Session availability is now limited as Danielle begins to work on her manuscript for her upcoming book, Fighting for our Friendships

The membership every woman needs in her

Note: If we notice that-- based on your particular needs and issues-- you'd benefit more from a therapist or psychologist, we will inform you during our session and provide a list of trusted partners.

Coaching sessions can be for you as an individual or with you and another friend. This service is designed to help you with anything from:

  • struggling to make new friends in adulthood

  • trying to work through a difficult conversation you know you need to have with a friend 

  • determining whether it's time to end a friendship and, if so, where to start

  • feeling like you're always the one in your friendships who's initiating

  • exploring attitudes, habits, and mindsets that may be (continually) getting in the way of maintaining healthy friendships

  • wanting to deepen friendships that feel pretty... surface-level

  • [EMERGING TREND] viewing your friendships differently in light of the pandemic, the elections, and other current national issues 

This is a 75-minute session designed to help you make sense of where you are now so you can begin taking real steps toward where you want to be.

So what can you expect?


Well, we begin by burning sage and crying together. (Okay, kidding.) Seriously, it's not weird to hire a friendship coach. You'll be talking to someone trained to help with issues concerning platonic female relationships-- we're ready to do this!


We'll never tell you what to do, so if you're looking for answers, know that they'll likely come from revelations you make on your own during our session (after a few of our prompting questions, of course). We'll also share insights on other trends and successes we're seeing from women in your particular situation so you can make a more informed decision about what action steps you need to take moving forward.