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Women's Friendship Coaching


Note: Session availability is now limited as Danielle begins to work on her manuscript for her upcoming book, Fighting for our Friendships

We often hear women say, "I have a therapist, and processing my issues has been helpful. But now I'm ready for tangible action steps."


If you are ready to work with someone who specializes in female friendship, these sessions might be for you. Coaching is for individuals who want to guidance and perspective of someone equipped to provide tangible, personalized support.


Some of the women we support include:

  • extroverts who have plenty of "friends", but lack depth and connection in those relationships

  • confident women who've moved to a new city and need a strategy to make friends

  • conflict-averse women who want to prepare for how to have a tough conversation with a friend

  • high-achieving women who are accomplished professionally but have struggled with female friendship

  • those who feel that current friendships are "one-sided"

  • struggling to make new friends in adulthood

  • women who are feeling excluded from a friend group

  • those with "avoidant attachment" who want a plan of how to better lean in to their friendships

This is a 75-minute session designed to help you make sense of where you are now so you can begin taking real steps toward where you want to be.

Here's how it works:

Step 1. Book a session.

Complete the registration form and questionnaire, then check your email to get an instant "Welcome video" from Danielle with some words on what to expect during your time together.

2. Lean into the experience.

During your 75-minute session, be prepared to share openly, and to respond authentically to Danielle's "guiding questions". The session closes with a customized strategy for moving forward.

3. Review your notes and resources.

Within a week of your session, you'll receive 2-3 pages of notes, which include homework and links to resources that Danielle's hand-selected for you based on your session.

​Clients who work with us receive perks upon the conclusion of their session:

  • PERK: One complimentary membership to our "Friend Forward Group Chat & Book Club"

  • PERK: One complimentary download of our "2023 Friendship Intentions" ebook (limited time)

  • PERK: One complimentary copy of a friendship book delivered to your home with highlights that Danielle selected specifically for you.

Note: If we notice that-- based on your particular needs and issues-- you'd benefit more from a therapist or psychologist, we will inform you during our session and provide a list of trusted partners. About half of our clients are working with a therapist as well, and they report having a richer experience with both support systems.

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