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Friendly Meeting

Be a Better Friend

January 8-28, 2024

A research-based 21-day challenge




Because the key to better friendships is a better you.

This challenge is specifically designed for modern women who are committed to being intentional about friendship in the new year, but aren't sure where to begin.


Each day, you'll receive one (research-based!) prompt straight to your inbox to help you get into the practice of being an intentional friend. We'll also include a two-minute video to hype you up as you muster the confidence to lean into each task. Our goal is that after three weeks together, you'll be more equipped with the skills and knowledge required to show up in your new and existing friendships. This includes:


- increased self-awareness

- new knowledge about the science of women's friendships

- scripts to initiate and maintain momentum

-clarity on how to engage in friendships in the new year

While this challenge is no magic pill, it is an effective long-term exercise for women who want to know how to experience more satisfaction in their friendships and could benefit from a little direction.

If that's you, we're glad you're here.

Because we're ready to support you through it.

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Register for the challenge before doors close on January 7, 2024.


Receive your daily challenge via email + the community page.


Read your confirmation email to get the exclusive details, including access to the private community.


Witness your confidence grow and your relationships deepen in 21 days!

You're safe in the hands of this connection expert.

"Somehow, the current temperature around friendship conflict focuses on the inadequacies of others. We jump to cutting them off, replacing them with new friends, and repeating the cycle again.


But the problem is that healthier friendships aren't made through selection + replacement. They're created when people look within themselves to evaluate their own expectations, tendencies, desires, and needs-- and commit to loving their female friends with more authenticity and intention.


This is my third year running the Be a Better Friend Challenge, and I am so proud of every woman who's committed to beginning her year by pursuing healthier friendships with heart and humility. But she needs more than inspiration-- she needs action steps from someone she can trust.


And I take that trust very seriously."

-- Danielle

NOTE : We're so confident that you'll grow during this challenge that if you're not satisfied (and you can provide evidence that you've completed each daily task), we'll provide a 100% refund.


Lead Coach

Danielle Bayard Jackson


Join now and receive our "How to Set Friendship Intentions for 2024" ebook for free.

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