Certified women's coach

Author, "Fighting for Our Friendships"

[Hachette Go, 2024]

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American Sociological Association

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As a high school teacher, Danielle Jackson often heard young women discuss their drama in the hallways. When she later began her own PR agency, she listened as high-achieving women confessed they didn't have many friends at all. That's when she realized that female friendship is a space where women struggle during every season of their lives.

And that's when the obsession began.

Committed to helping women learn how to create and sustain meaningful friendships, Danielle began doing the work.

She became a certified women's coach, began conducting her own research, wrote a book that New York Times bestselling author Kayleen Schaefer calls "a must-read", and started the Friend Forward podcast to answer the questions she receives from women in her DMs. Danielle has also created a coaching program to help adults master platonic relationships - teaching tangible strategies for how to make friends, rekindle an old friend, and create a deep friendship.

Now Danielle's become a go-to media source on the subject, and speaks on national stages about the power of female friendship.


She recently signed a six-figure book deal with Hachette to write a book about the beauty and complexity of female friendship (2024). But her favorite part about the gig will always be listening to the hearts of women while working one-on-one.

Read more about her online friendship coaching services here.

Danielle Jackson Tampa speaker

Danielle Jackson has been presenting for more than a decade, determined to use humor and research to share sometimes difficult and technical truths as a friendship coach and educator.

Since founding Friend Forward, Danielle has been sought after as a:

  • guest lecturer for colleges and universities

  • keynote for international sorority events

  • speaker for the National Football League (NFL)

  • workshop facilitator high school assemblies

  • guest for some of Apple Podcasts top-ranking shows

If you'd like Danielle to speak at your event, please send an email to to schedule a call to discuss the details, rates, and availability.