Certified women's coach

Author of the book

"Give it a Rest: The Case for Tough-Love Friendship"  

 Member of the

American Sociological Association

As a high school teacher, Danielle often heard young women discuss their drama in the hallways. Then when Danielle became a publicist, she listened as high-achieving women confessed they didn't have many friends at all. That's when she realized that female friendship is a space that women struggle within during every season of their lives.

That's when the obsession began.

Committed to helping women learn how to create and sustain meaningful friendships she began doing the work.

She became a coach and began research for a book to help women have tough conversations in their friendships. Then she started a podcast to answer the questions she received from women in her DMs.

Now she receives requests to speak on the subject of women's friendship from media outlets, event coordinators, and women's organizations. But her favorite part about the gig will always be listening to the hearts of women while working one-on-one.

Friend Forward (formerly "Give it a Rest Movement") equips women with the skills, resources, and support they need to create and maintain meaningful female friendships.