Friendship Expert Press Coverage

Below you will find plenty of our articles surrounding platonic relationships, how to make friends, how to rekindle a friendship, and more!  Check out our own blog as well for other great friend advice!  Danielle Jackson is a friendship expert, sharing girl friend advice for all ages.  Also, view our features on many amazing podcasts down below as well.

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"The Power of Boundaries"

"I Hired a Friendship Coach to Help Me Make Friends.
Here's what happened."

"How to Rekindle a Friendship when you Haven't Spoken in a Long Time"

"How to Tell a Friend Bad News"


"How to Get Over a

Friendship Break-up"


"Life Coach on Destigmatizing Loneliness: 'It’s Part of the Human Experience'"

"How To Make Friends When You're A Working Mom, Because It *Is* Possible"

"How to Connect Socially During Social Isolation"

"5 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions That Won’t Be Hard To Keep"

"The Best Way to Make Your Old and New Friends Hate Each Other"


As well as these podcasts...


As a friendship speaker, podcast definitely have our heart!  In addition to hosting our very own podcast, we have been featured as a friendship expert on these great podcasts below.  Breeze through the titles and get the unbiased friendship coach advice that you've been looking for!

"Mini-Ep 115: Friendship Questions with Danielle Bayard Jackson"
 "Balancing Female Friendships as an Entrepreneur with Danielle Bayard Jackson"
"Yes, You Can Make Friends
as an Adult" w/ Aminatou Sow, Ann Friedman, Clare O'Connor and Danielle Bayard Jackson
"Developing and Maintaining Healthy Female Friendships"
"The Friendship Episode"