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Tools you need to deepen

 existing friendships

Coaching to give you confidence

to handle the tough stuff

Events + Community with

like-minded women

  • had to figure out what to say when tension (aka drama) arises

  • been lost about how to make new friends as an adult

  • struggled to voice my boundaries to friends without worrying I'd be seen as "too sensitive" or "too much"

  • had my friendships change due to getting married, having a baby, moving

  • grieved over a friendship break-up

  • taken an "I don't need friends" attitude only to realize... I need friends

  • ghosted (or *ahem* been ghosted myself) 

Tools and resources to deepen your friendships

Admit it: Your friendships have hit a lull. Our toolbox gives you access to tools and education to be a better friend and keep things going full force.

Coaching to help you heal and navigate conflict

What do you do when your friendships hit a rough moment? Do emotions take over? Does that make things worse? Not anymore. Get help in hard times.

Events + community to help you cultivate new friendships

With virtual and in-person opportunities, you're bound to meet new friends and begin creating life-giving relationships. All you have to do is show up.

  • Trading the loneliness of 2020 for deeper, meaningful friendships

  • Having the confidence to approach hard conversations in your existing friendships

  • Taking offense less often as you work to have a better understanding of women and how we relate to one another

  • Having a new mindset that invites, so you can enjoy new friendships instead of keeping your guard up

  • Feeling equipped to heal old friendship wounds

We've created a space to teach you the things you thought you had to learn alone.

The membership every woman needs in her


Hey, I'm Danielle, an author, a friendship coach, a member of the American Sociological Association, and your resident friendship expert.

But do you wanna know where most of my expertise comes from?

Being a friend.. getting it wrong... and then getting it very right.

I've been too harsh. Too sensitive. Too "in my head". I've been too exclusive with my friend group and avoided welcoming others I knew desired community from our circle. I've ghosted other women because I didn't want to (or know how to) say what I wanted to say.

Then I realized how important strong female friendships are and flipped the script. I began investing in people, diving deep into uncomfortable conversations to experience real growth and relationship.

I learned how to set boundaries, how to communicate better, love others well, and allow them to love me-- all because I learned how to be a better friend.

Now I spend my time coaching and teaching others how to do the same, which means you're not alone. We're not taught how to be friends. It's something we learn along the way, and it's not easy (that might even be why you're here).

That's why I created Friend Forward, to hand you the right tools to navigate female friendships.

The membership is low-cost, simple, and it gives you instant access to an app that will work only if you do.

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