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Friendship Coaching Membership

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Friendship Elevated:

A 16-week program hosted teaching you how to master the mechanics of female friendship as a modern woman

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  • It seems like all your friendships disappeared when you graduated/ got married/ had a baby/ changed cities/ went through a major life milestone.

  • You struggle to keep momentum after meeting someone you like, and things fade out.

  • You're an extrovert who has no problem making friends, but you realize that all of your friendships feel superficial (and you're ready for actual depth!)


  • Sometimes your introversion/ social anxiety gets the best of you when it comes to making new friends.

  • Whenever there's conflict or tension with a friend, you gradually withdraw until the friendship fades, but now you're ready to learn how to work through it.

  • You get anxious about voicing your desires and boundaries, and it's left you feeling less than satisfied in your current female friendships.

  • You're still not over a friendship break-up, and you're surprised by how it still hurts.

  • It seems like everyone's found their "people" except for you.

  • On more than one occasion, you've taken an "I don't need friends" attitude only to realize... you actually need friends.

  • You've been "ghosted" (and *ahem*, even ghosted yourself... ) and still don't know why.

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  • Being able to drop the armor you carry in your friendships to experience greater satisfaction

  • Confidently expressing yourself when you meet someone new, leaving them eager to hang out with you again.

  • Knowing EXACTLY how to approach a hard conversation with a friend-- and becoming even closer to each other afterwards.

  • Finally healing from a painful friendship break-up because you know exactly what to do to move on (without the anger, disappointment, and regret!)

  • Effortlessly turning acquaintances into actual friends, knowing exactly how to create real depth.

  • Laughing your butt off with a new friendship group (that you formed yourself!)

  • Being a part of female friendships that actually feel balanced and reciprocal.

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You can finally have the types of female
friendships you've been longing for.


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Here's what women are saying about how Friend Forward is changing their lives:

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Virtual Friendship Coaching Program Sneak Peek


  • STEP 1: Receive IMMEDIATE access to video modules when the program doors open

  • STEP 2: Complete the "module challenge" before we meet as a group

  • STEP 3: Attend bi-weekly coaching sessions and receive personalized guidance and encouragement around your progress 

  • STEP 4: Attend LIVE personalized coaching calls with Danielle and her team every other week to talk through your struggles and successes


NOTE: You will have access to the video modules for the duration of the program, and lifetime access to the downloadable program workbook.

If you're ready to stop being dissatisfied in your friendships and start fostering deep platonic relationships with your girl friends, this is a program you can't afford to miss.

The membership every woman needs in her life. (1).png

Danielle is a former educator who leverages her classroom experience to share the latest research around intrasex conflict and connection (female friendship). This program is designed to quite literally transform the way you view, approach, and navigate friendships in adulthood.

(You won't find a program like this anywhere else. We looked-- it doesn't exist!)

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be a good friend

Hey, I'm Danielle, a friendship coach and educator, national speaker, podcast host, author, and go-to media expert.

Most of my experience is not just from my education background or interviews with leading researchers...

It's from years of getting it wrong as a bad friend.. and then finally understanding how to get it right.

EMBARRASSING MOMENT: On the first day of high school, I was so nervous to make friends that I ate my lunch in a bathroom stall. But by senior year, I was surrounded by tons of girlfriends and leading as senior class president.

Ironically, I became a high school teacher and became an unofficial coach to juniors and seniors needing friendship advice.

Then I left the classroom for the world of public relations, and realized that even charismatic, high-achieving women were struggling in their platonic relationships.

After realizing that every stage of womanhood involves navigating relationships with other women, I knew I had to do something.

When it comes to friendships, I've had my own issues.


I've been too harsh. Too sensitive. Too "in my head". I've been too exclusive with my friend group and avoided welcoming others that I knew desired community from our circle. I've ghosted other women because I didn't want to (or know how to) communicate my needs and concerns.

Then I realized how important strong female friendships are and flipped the script. I began investing in people, diving deep into uncomfortable conversations, and doing the inner work required to attract healthy friendships. 

Now I spend hours each week talking to some of the most prolific researchers in the fields of evolutionary psychology, sociolinguistics, intrapersonal conflict, and communication.

I take a formal approach in coaching and teaching others how to do the same, which means you're not alone. We're not taught how to be friends. It's something we learn along the way, and it's not easy (that might even be why you're here).

That's why I created Friend Forward (and the new Friendship Elevated Program)-- to hand you the right tools to navigate female friendships so you can finally experience genuine and satisfying relationships.

The membership is low-cost, simple, and it gives you instant access to a program that will work only if you do.

All that's left is for you to click the button below.

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The technical stuff:

Danielle is a certified women's coach specializing in women's friendship. She leveraged her 10+ years in the education field to channel her research, training, and experience into a 16-week curriculum that guides women on their journey toward cultivating fulfilling friendships.


Who is Danielle?

  • former high school teacher

  • former academic department chair

  • certified women's coach

  • national keynote speaker

  • friendship expert featured in NBC News, Psychology Today, SHAPE Magazine, Wall Street Journal The Tampa Tribune, and some of Apple's most popular podcasts

[Full bio]

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Friends at the Beach

Payment Plan

Enjoy access for 5 easy payments of $279. (Remember: One session with Danielle is $189. But you'll enjoy 4 months of support in this program--  mind-blowing value. Do the math!)


Pay in Full

Enjoy access to this exclusive, 4-month program by investing with a one-and-done payment of $1299. Paying in full gives access to bonus material.



To encourage you to sign-up early, we're offering bonuses.

Sign-up before October 31 and you'll enjoy:

- a complimentary copy of "Platonic: How the Science of Attachment Can Help you Make--and Keep-- Friends"

-complimentary access to our exclusive monthly book club and member "group chat"

-a surprise "goody basket" of items to help you flex, telling the world that you're the kind of girl who's intentional about friendship

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