A community by Danielle Bayard Jackson for modern women who want to learn how to create and maintain better female friendships through an online friendship coach and workshops.

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friendship expert

Learn how to be a better friend.

Friend Forward is your ultimate resource for learning how to

strengthen your platonic relationships with other women and how to make new meaningful bonds that last.

We support you in four ways:


1. Private coaching to help you navigate complex friendship issues

2. A weekly podcast to provide tough-love truths and research-based insights - soon to be your new favorite podcast!


3. Our eight-week program designed to help you master adult bonds (you won't find this ANYWHERE else!) 

4. Educational workshops and speaking series for women's organizations hosted across the country

Friend Forward Events


Certified Friendship Coach, Author, Speaker

The woman behind the movement

Danielle Jackson Friendship Coach


Certified Friendship Coach, Author, Speaker

There's nothing like the beauty of female friendship.

As a former high school teacher, Danielle Jackson saw how friendship issues were impacting the lives of her female students. Then when Danielle left the classroom to become a publicist, she was surprised to learn that her high-achieving clients were struggling in their relationships with other women as well. Both groups sought her advice for their struggles after hours, and that's how Friend Forward was born.

Danielle is a certified women's coach with friendship expertise, and she's known for pairing research with real-life to help you experience more joy in your platonic relationships with other women. 

What began as a personal obsession has become a media-worthy business... and with a goal of helping women across the world deepen their platonic female relationships, she's just getting started.

The woman behind the movement

online friendship coach

Yep, it's a thing.

And if you're looking for support with any personal friendship issue, we can help.