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The ULTIMATE "National Best Friends Day" Playlist

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

These songs are guaranteed to make you appreciate your girls.

While many popular songs are dedicated to heart break and romance, there are some that speak to the beauty of platonic love. In honor of National Best Friend Day, our resident friendship coach Danielle Bayard Jackson shares some of her favorite songs that celebrate the power of unbreakable bonds with the women we love most.

Let us know some of your favorites!


The song "Girl" by Destiny's Child is like replaying a tough conversation you've had with a friend about loving herself and doing the right thing. If you've ever been in a situation with a female friend where you were trying to speak life into her as an encourager, this song will take you back to that moment. And if you've never had a super close friend by your side in a time of need, then play this song to feel uplifted.

Emily King can do no wrong. In her song "Good Friend" she sings,

If there's something I need/ That I don't already have/

I know I'll get it from a good friend

The lyrics are simple, but they speak to the capacity and assurances of friendship in unpredictable times. This song is so lovely and my heart swells with gratitude every time that I hear it.

The song "Hey Girl" by Lady Gaga is so powerful because it speaks to the realities of female friendship's complexity. The singer begs her friend to stick around during times of troubling conflict, and her earnest pleas speak to our need for platonic love that is unconditional. It's refreshing to hear a song that's not a simple "Girl power" mantra, but serves as a reminder of how rocky friendship can be-- and just how worth it it is.

What I appreciate about "Friend Goals" by Tank and the Bangas is that it highlights aspirations we have for our friendships and what it's like to try to find "that person". The vocalist raps about being "picky", and she blames it on outgrowing old friends and her new determination to find friends who... fit. The beat is funky, the lyrics are playful, and the message is absolutely universal.

You know what I like about this song? The first time you hear it, you'll likely be tempted to contextualize it in a romantic way. But what if I told you to reimagine the song as an angsty love letter to your friend instead? Adele is a powerhouse, and in the song "My Same", she totally captures the magnetism of two best girl friends who are opposites, mirrors, and strangely connected through it all.

Okay, THIS RIGHT HERE. Tess Henley is one of my new favorites, and "Better" is an ode to the women in our lives that make us better versions of ourselves. Ultimately, that's what every meaningful friendship should do, so this tune is a lovely reminder. (And please, oh my goodness, go watch the music video. The vibe is EVERYTHING.)

But wait-- there's more! Danielle created an entire playlist with 20 songs to make you think about how much you love your girl friends. Listen here, and then go celebrate with the ladies who make you thankful you're a women surrounded by platonic love.


The ULTIMATE "National Best Friends Day" Playlist

Do you see your favorites on the list? If not, tell us which tunes to add in the comments OR come share with us on Instagram @friendforward or on Tik Tok. Happy National Best Friend's Day!

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