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"We used Bumble BFF to create our friend group."

Can you find real friends with the help of technology? According to this friendship trio, it's possible.

When Natalie, Kaycee, and Nainee went on Bumble BFF, they weren't sure what to expect. But after a few matches, they connected with each other and the rest is history.

In this week's episode of the Friend Forward Podcast, the ladies explain what led them to the app (hint* manicures with boyfriends), and what their first impressions were of each other when they met in real life (hint* there was skepticism).

During our discussion, Natalie, Kaycee and Nainee also explain:

  • how they used the app to connect with other women of color

  • what they do to keep momentum despite being long distance

  • what they've done to make sure they can get past conflict in a healthy way

If you've been looking for ways to meaningfully connect with the help of technology, this episode might be for you. We guarantee that it will inspire you to find a friend trip of your own. (Tattoos not include. Ha!)

Follow each of the ladies to learn more about their friendship:

Tune in every week to hear more real-life stories of women who are creating meaningful friendships.

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