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8 Texts to Send to a Friend that Say "I'm Proud of You"

We all know the importance of expressing our gratitude and appreciation to those around us, but exactly how do communicate to a friend just how proud we are of her? It’s a powerful way to show show her you support her, but we often overlook these opportunities because we believe that she "already knows" how we feel.

While out friends might be intellectually aware of our appreciation, it can have a positive impact on the friendship to physically verbalize those feelings.

But how exactly do we say it without sounding cheesy? Here are eight texts you can send to your female friends to tell let them know you see them and you're proud of them.

Text 1: "You’ve been working so hard, and I’m glad to see how it’s paying off!"

Text 2: "I saw your post about [accomplishment]. I want you to know I brag about you all the time!"

Text 3: "You continue to impress me."

Text 4: "You deserve all the good things coming your way. Congratulations."

Text 5: "I’m so proud to be your friend."

Text 6: "I see how hard you’ve been working lately, and I want you to know that I’m so proud of you."

Text 7: "Girl! I’m watching you and taking notes. You’re killing it!"

Text 8: "I’m. So. Proud. Of. You."

This kind of positive affirmation can go a long way in boosting confidence and self-esteem in your friend, and it leaves her with a stronger affinity toward you.

When we express our appreciation for each other’s successes, we create an atmosphere where mutual respect is of high priority. And it doesn't hurt that this moment of connection can produce oxytocin as well, the "love hormone".

Expressing pride in someone else is an incredibly powerful gesture with far-reaching benefits. So next time you see someone achieving something great or doing something admirable, let them know how proud you are—you won't regret it!

If being vulnerable in your female friendships has been a challenge for you, please consider booking a one-on-one coaching sessions with resident friendship expert Danielle Bayard Jackson. Being vulnerable (in the right way!) will help you to finally achieve platonic intimacy, and we want that for you!

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