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6 Unique Gift Ideas for Your New Best Friend

Surely you’ve been there before.

You wake up one day and realize that the girl you’ve been spending so much time with over the past few months is kind of becoming… your best friend. She has a special day coming up, and it’s your opportunity to buy her a real gift– as friends, not just co-workers or acquaintances.

Choosing the perfect gift for a friend can feel stressful, no matter how well you two know each other. While some are able to think of the perfect present with little effort, the rest of us might struggle a bit. So if you’re looking for something that feels a little different, personally selected, and sentimental, write her a special note and consider sending her a gift from this list.

For the friend whose home is always so effortlessly cool, consider the Terracota Candlestick from Yowie, a hip hotel in Philadelphia. This is perfect for friends who have a subtle charisma, and who are no stranger to being asked, “Girl, where’d you get that?” 

For the friend who’s always trying to get you to upgrade your two-step skincare routine to a 10-step spa experience, consider buying her one of the popular Project E Beauty LED Light Therapy Masks. While it might look kind of funny, it’s the perfect mix of bougie and practical and is known for its effectiveness at combating wrinkles and mild to moderate acne.

It’s wireless, there’s no UV light, and it’s single-button control– perfect for the friend who’s high-end but low-maintenance.

For the friend who’d happily cancel last-minute so she can stay in and read, consider buying her one of these super cute book marks. They’re unique, soft, and personalized– what more could a woman ask for? Whether she’s snuggled up to read one of our book club selections or whether she’s about to reluctantly hold her place to go out for a night on the town, these books marks are a sweet way of letting your friend know you totally “get” her.

For the friend with the best playlists, you have to buy this out-of-the-box wall hook. It’s practical (because she probably needs to hang up her leather jacket) and it’s also a good conversation starter with guests. This gift is also ideal because you don’t see it too often, so it’s another way for your friend to flex her edge, beyond her already highly recommendable playlists.

For the animal lover, consider gifting her this sweet ceramic set. They come in two sizes and ship relatively quickly. And the best news is the creator is open to making customized pieces! If your goal is to make your friend feel like you really “see” her, this is the kind of gift that brings two friends a little bit closer.

For the friend who knows everything about pop culture, consider gifting her this fun puzzle. Not only does it feature icons from the 80s (that she most likely knows and loves), it also serves as an easy activity you two can do while you enjoy your favorite drink. Give her this for her special day and you’ll not only be meeting that “gifts” category of the Five Love Languages, you’ll also be offering quality time.

Here's to thriving in your ongoing journey toward better female friendships!

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