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It's time to make new friends...

And that starts with talking to new people.

In Danielle's ebook, you will learn:

  • two mindsets that will make you eager to have conversations with new people

  • a framework to start a conversation from scratch

  • scripts for 6 different social situations

  • a surefire method to keep a good conversation going

  • 10 signs that a conversation should end

  • how to leverage an initial conversation for a potential friendship

Each chapter includes links to Danielle's no-frills, no-nonsense videos to model key strategies.

Your purchase includes access to Danielle's private "group chat" online community (for women only), and includes a conversation challenge that could earn you a $5 Starbucks gift card.

Note: This is more than an ebook-- it's a "fast-track mini course" to deliver quick results to better conversations with new people.

Note: This is Danielle's conversation ebook; it is NOT her upcoming book "Fighting for Our Friendships" which is being published by Hachette. That book will be available May 2024 in a bookstore near you.

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