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Group 2152 (1)_edited.jpg

(for long-distance besties)

Go see your girl-- on us.

It can be challenging to maintain a long-distance friendship, especially when a tight budget doesn't allow you to visit each other the way you want to.

So Friend Forward wants to help.

We are sending two women on a trip to see their long-distance bestie for Galentine's Day, because sometimes FaceTime just isn't enough.

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make your case

To be considered, please complete this
form by February7 at midnight (EST).

[READ THE FINE PRINT: By submitting a form, you acknowledge that you will be personally responsible for all expenses other than the actual flight. You will also need to be available to fly in the month of February 2024, and will need to arrange your own accommodations. Those who are selected will also be expected to document certain aspects of their trip for Friend Forward to share with its audience across social media platforms, and the brand takes no responsibility for the participant's trip experience.]

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