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A go-at-your-own-pace course packed with research, strategies, and videos to help position you to attract the kind of

friendships you've been dreaming of.

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The Summer Social

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Because no one ever taught us how to make friends...

Our social landscape changes during the summer. Friends begin to travel, work slows down, and become increasingly awrae

This course is for
       3 types of women . . .

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You are very familiar with the struggle. You've found yourself in a new life season, and you're ready to invite new friends into your world. But whenever you search for tips online, you find advice like, "Just be yourself!" or "Just talk to people," and... well, that's simply not helpful.

If only you had tangible, modern, research-based strategies...

We got you.

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The 7 Mindsets That Hold Us Back

We'll unpack the top 7 mental blocks that get in the way of you making new friends. You'll receive reflection questions, challenges, and homework.



Frameworks for Conversation

Learn our 4-part "Flow to Friendship" Conversation Framework to understand how to start, maintain, and leverage new conversations for true friend-making opportunities.



The 10 Friend-Making Strategies that Change the Game

You'll learn our 10 research-based friend-making strategies. This module includes scripts, examples, and detailed how-to steps.



The Art of Momentum

You hit it off with someone new! But how do you keep momentum so that the connection doesn't fade? We'll teach you how.

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It may sound a bit dramatic to claim that there are no other courses like this, but... there aren't.

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And it's astounding to us because "How do I make friends?" is one of the highest searched questions online. Over the past few months alone, people have shown an interest in ways to make new connections.

But some of the information leaves a lot to be desired.

This course specifically addresses the concerns, strengths, mindsets, availability and experiences shared by modern women. 

There are no cheesy gimmicks, no false promises, and no empty platitudes like,

"Just be yourself!" Because, like, how is that helpful?

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This course is created by Danielle Bayard Jackson, our resident friendship coach, and her background as an educator combined with her research-based frameworks recently earned her a book deal. She is also a trusted source by the New York Times, Psychology Today, and Oprah Magazine (!!!).


You are in good hands.

If women are raving over our free content,

just imagine what we saved for the course...


I ate lunch alone in the bathroom.

It was unhygenic, but it's true.

Despite my extroversion, I had no idea how to make new friends on my first day of high school-- and the anxiety totally immobilized me. 

As I grew into adulthood, I thought it was an issue that only young people had, but then when I became a friendship coach, I realized that everyone from 25-year-old grad students to 50-year-old businesswomen are struggling to make new friends as well.

I've travelled the country and helped thousands of adult women meet other like-minded women. Through my studies and education, I found making new friends is both an art AND a science-- and I'm here to teach you both.

Learn the strategies that have helped women across the country (and that just earned me a six-figure book deal!), and never again find yourself asking:

"How do I make friends as an adult?"

Because after taking this research-based, tell-it-like-it-is course packed with modern strategies, you'll be well on your way to being surrounded by friends you love and connect with.

If I can do it, girl, you can too.

[Full bio and technical stuff here.]

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I can’t believe I’m taking a course to make friends. I feel like I shouldn’t need help with this.


People are searching “How to make friends”  like crazy right now, and we’re not surprised. Our number one question in private coaching sessions is “How do I make friends?” And it typically comes with some kind of qualifier:


How do I make friends… as a new mom?

How do I make friends… in a new city?

How do I make friends… after college?

How do I make friends… as an introvert?

How do I make friends… after a break-up?

How do I make friends… as a military spouse?


Hopefully this is proof that we will always be making new friends.

So we might as well learn how to get it right.



I also need help for AFTER I make friends. Like, how do I make a deeper connection with them? And what do I do when there’s conflict, and how do I handle friendship break-ups?


TO BE CLEAR: This course is a deep-dive into creating new friendships. If you are looking for even more, our group coaching program, Friendship Elevated, might be a better fit. It includes EVERYTHING in this course PLUS 4 additional modules that cover the other 4 phases of adult friendship.



The best part? You'll get personal coaching sessions with Danielle Bayard Jackson, our resident friendship coach and the founder of Friend Forward. Join the waitlist now!


I am currently struggling with depression and anxiety. Will this course still work for me?


If you believe that your depression and/ or anxiety will greatly impede your ability to reap the full understanding or rewards of this course, we encourage you to continue working with a therapist who can help you through it instead.


How long do I have access to the course?


You will have instant access to the video content for six weeks! While you can finish watching the videos well before then, we want you to have ample time to actually work through the material, complete the challenges and really reflect on your progress. After your enrollment period is completed, you’ll still have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course workbook and materials that you completed along the way.



I’m a guy. Am I allowed to take the course?

It'll be our little secret.


While we tailor our language, examples, and research to a female audience, we have (secretly) worked with male clients who are struggling with many of the same issues. Our specific mission is to help women form stronger relationships with each other, but we’ve heard from several men who say they simply can’t find material like this anywhere, and they want to be included.


And they are welcome.


We have found that-- while specifically designed for women-- most of the course material can apply to male friendship as well, as the heart of the content is purely relational, and therefore, transferable.

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