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The Friend Forward Library is for podcast listeners who want more. Danielle already packs each episode with fresh insights, research, and tips, but if you want actual strategies, scripts and resources, you should be a member of the Friend Forward Library.

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Members of the Friend Forward Library will enjoy:


  • "Extension Videos" with tips NOT included on the podcast!

  • Scripts (that you can modify to fit your personality and situation)

  • Podcast episodes that are NOT available to the public

  • Weekly challenges for real results

  • Behind-the-scenes clips from Danielle's book-writing journey!

BONUS: Early members will receive a "toolkit" that includes:

  • 3 scripts for rekindling an old friendship

  • 2 scripts for picking up a new connection that fell flat

  • 7-step "cheat sheet" for turning a stranger into an actual potential friend


Library Opens May 1, 2022

Price-- $99

Lifetime Access

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