Vent sessions are 20-minute telephone calls designed for you to... well, vent.


This service is designed for the times when you need to get something off your chest about a friendship issue, but you don't want to:

1. feel like you're burdening your friends

2. risk someone getting upset with you for sharing how you really feel

3. commit to taking any particular action just yet

Vent sessions allow you to finally put words to the frustration, sadness, or anxiety you may be feeling around a certain friendship problem.

These calls are mostly a one-way conversation. We have trained team members ready to listen as you share what's on your heart. If you are looking for feedback, guided questions, or personalized action steps, we suggest you schedule a traditional coaching session. 

Vent sessions are intentionally short to allow you the space and freedom to say what's on your mind and discharge negative emotion, but not so long that you begin to fixate or fall into self-victimization. These sessions are for those who need  judgement-free time to say their piece... and to know a real person is listening on the other side.