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Maintaining Friends When You're at Different Stages in Life

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

We are so thankful to have been recently featured in Well+ Good for our advice about keeping your friendships strong when life takes you in different directions.

You're married. Your friends are not.

Your career feels like it's stalled, but your friend seems like she's on the fast-track to success.

You don't have kids yet, but it seems like all your friends are having babies.

What do we do when a new life stage begins to create distance in our friendships? How do we maintain our connection with our favorite ladies when it seems like we no longer share the "big stuff" in common?

Our resident coach was featured in Well+Good about keeping your friendships strong during different life stages, and if you find that you're struggling with this, then you should read the article, like now.

For more advice on keeping your friendships strong, listen to our podcast or join our private membership waitlist, where we will be doing a member-only coaching exercise to help women create tangible steps on keeping their friendships strong when life throws them curveballs.

Maintaining Friends When You're at Different Stages in Life

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