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Friend Forward Events

Upcoming Events

Paint & Sip: A Friendship Workshop for those with Anxiety

Thursday, January 14 @9pm (EST)

Coach Danielle will share 5 hacks for making friends during the pandemic, and while you learn, you'll paint your nails. Why? The repetitive motions of painting your nails is proven to help with anxiety, and since the idea of making friends makes some women anxious, you'll calm yourself with a therapeutic mani while learning how to form new connections. Bring your favorite bottle of polish and something to sip. [NOTE: This workshop does not take the place of counsel from a trusted healthcare professional.]

$9 to register (free for members) 

Yoga with Margo Francois (Black Yoga Mom)

Friday, January 22 @ 7pm (EST)

We're only a few weeks into the year and it's been a total roller coaster. Join us to decompress with Margo Francois, aka Black Yoga Mom. You need a breather, so let's re-center-- together.

$9 to register (free for members) 

Podcasts and Coffee: "How to Have Better Conversations"

Friday, January 29 @ 9am (EST)

This Friday, joins us for our first “Podcasts and Coffee”, where we'll listen to an episode of the NPR Life Kit Podcast titled “How to Have Better Conversations”.


Listen to the (20-minute!) episode any time this week, then grab a cup of coffee on Friday morning to join the ladies as we share some of our big “aha” moments.


The best part? This event is FREE and open to both members and non-members, so we hope to see you there (tell a friend!) on 1/29. Send an email to to receive log-in.


"Insecure" Wine Down

Wednesday, February 3 @ 8pm (EST)

In anticipation of the next (and final!) season of one of our favorite shows, we're chatting all things "Insecure". So grab a glass of wine, and join us as Danielle unpacks why Molly and Issa's friendship got so complicated last season, and then prepare to share all your predictions about season five (*cough, cough* Condola and Lawrence! *cough cough*)

(This is a member-only event.)-- BECOME A MEMBER.

"Girlfriends' Mixology" w/ Rosewater Cocktail Co.

Wednesday, February 10 @ 7pm (EST)

We're learning how to make two delicious cocktails from the ladies of Spice and Spirit. And be prepared-- this will be quite the experience.

By now you've seen the VIRAL TikTok video from our founder Danielle Bayard Jackson, so you know that female friendship is critical to our overall life satisfaction. So why not celebrate it? Here's what you can expect:


1. An out-of-the-box opening activity to get everyone a little loose

2. Personal mixology lessons from the ladies of Rosewater Cocktail Co.

3. A mini-workshop on how to deepen your female friendships from certified friendship coach Danielle Bayard Jackson

4. Time to chat with other women who are looking for friendship and community


To join, register here and then pick out something festive to wear, because we're going all out!

Our mixology lessons are our most popular event, so be sure to register NOW. [Due to our efforts to create an intimate experience, space is limited.]

$15 to register (free for members) 

Book Club: "In Five Years" by Rebecca Serle

February 11, 2021 @ 8:00pm (EST)

Trust us: You could probably finish this book in one sitting!

Buy your copy now so you can join us for discussion.

$5 to register (Free for members)

Firefly Lane: A discussion about long-lasting friendships

February 18, 2021 @ 7:00pm (EST)

The Netflix hit "Firefly Lane" shows the joys and trials of a 30-year friendship between two women. At this virtual event, attendees will share their favorite (and cringe-worthy) moments. Then, certified friendship coach Danielle Bayard Jackson will share 5 ways to build a friendship that actually lasts.

$5 to register (Free for members)

Baking Lessons w/ Seidy's Bakery and the "Ingredients" for Friendship

February 24, 2021 @ 7:00pm (EST)

We'll have some fun learning how to bake Seidy's Bakery's popular white chocolate chip red velvet cookies.

Then, while we enjoy our creations, certified friendship coach Danielle Bayard Jackson will explain the 4 ingredients for a "tough-love friendship".

If you've been looking for ways to meet other women --without the awkwardness-- consider joining us.

$10 to register (Free for members)

Book Club: "The Mothers" by Brit Bennett

March 11, 2021 @ 8:00pm (EST)

Have you ever kept a life-changing secret from your best friend?

We're reading Brit Bennett's popular book "The Mothers" and getting IN OUR FEELINGS about it on March 11. Buy your copy now and get reading so you can join us for discussion.

$5 to register (Free for members)

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